Little Big Mansion is Krisjet Game Design's current original project, slated for release early 2014.

It's a puzzle platformer featuring a unique mechanic and it's coming first to iOS. The game revolves around two magicians exploring an old mansion, each with their own interesting ability.

The younger magician has the ability to switch the size of objects, while the older magician can switch the type of objects. Both of these abilities are put to the ultimate test as they find their way through the mansion. At the beginning they operate individually but towards the end the magicians have to cooperate, using both abilities together to find their way out.

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An early gameplay showcase of the kind of puzzles you will find in Little Big Mansion. The finished game will feature many different environments and some new puzzle types, as well as a reworked UI and other graphical improvements.


Original prototype

The original prototype is still available here. It showcases the main mechanic of the game, and some of the levels from the prototype will remain relatively unchanged in the final product, except for a graphical update.


Kristoffer Jetmundsen - Lead artist, programmer and game designer

Martin Kvale - Music and sound effects

Rolf Hove - Additional graphics

Tina "Griffsnuff" Alfredsen - Poster graphics and concept art